Faiz S. Hussain
  • Polymath
  • Human-Centred Ops
  • Futurist Logistics

    Human-centricity is the antidote to hollow execution — patchwork solutions sold separately with nobody in mind.
    Let's put that right.


    I design sophisticated services, bridging empathy and expertise with multilingual, transnational insight.
    This has led me to build and assist startups, empower individuals, serve corporates and non-profits to challenge how they operate, harness knowledge, realise their potential and make science-fiction future.
    I dedicate my time to Consulting, Skills Volunteering and Mentorship from my London base.
    All while planning my next venture.

    Operational Strategy
  • Consulting at the crossroads of DesignBusiness + Culture.
  • Iterative research and development of products and services in concert with stakeholders and end-users.
  • Assessing scale, culture and structure through qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • A platform for entrepreneurship, early-stage ideation and lean market validation.

    Skills Volunteering
  • Contributing at least one third of time-resource directly to the impact of Non-Profits that ameliorate Quality of Life. Alleviating their capital burden and eliminating barriers to specialist knowledge.
  • Articulating project needs to source talent.
  • Mentoring young and seasoned entrepreneurs through Design Surgeries, Workshops and Individual Consultation.

    I am honoured to have served a wide gamut of brands and leaders as partners in the pursuit of excellence.

    Massey Lyuben Gallery The Haller Foundation Peacock Studios Racecheck Vespressa 禾倉 Mimosa House Fraction Flavours Salinity Studio Perfect Musical 北京東方劇院 WeWork Labs Alive Vegan Boutique The Backscratchers

    "Faiz's level of involvement and genuine interest in our business is what makes him such a pleasure to work with. I have peace of mind working with Faiz — he's taken so much time to learn about our gallery that I know whatever he creates for us will hit the nail right on the head!"
    Ryan Massey, Commercial Gallery Owner

    "His expertise is wide-ranging covering a variety of art forms as well as Commercial Marketing and Business Development. This provided me with the opportunity to work with someone who both understood the artistic side as well as what would work best in the public sphere."
    Sandy Peacock, Director & Film Producer

    MacIntyre Coffee Oppenheimer Funds UBS Wealth Management Standard Chartered Private Bank, Singapore Morgan Stanley Private + International Wealth Management Al-Dabbagh Group Crédit Suisse Group National Health Service Crowdcube

    "The key challenges we faced involved combining large inputs (from Quantitative Data) and unique voices (from Qualitative Interviews) into a coherent, streamlined product. Faiz did this with grace, while constantly striving to innovate the form to grant it elegance and increased accessibility for a general readership."
    Andrew Porter, Global Project Manager

    "There were a thousand different ways he could have done it and I would’ve been more than happy with each and every one of them, but Faiz didn’t do any one of those; Faiz created the one website that truly surprised me and amazed me. It is rare someone can take on a project so fully as to exceed expectations in so many ways to such an extent."
    Alex MacIntyre, Local Coffee Shop & Restaurant Owner

    "We completed our project on separate continents. Faiz never even held the bottles he was designing a box for, but looking back, the geographical separation made no difference. We quickly developed a great rapport and method of communication that made me feel secure in the project. He was always responsive and made planning around our different time-zones painless."
    Sarah Patterson, Skincare Product Developer

    Feel free to skip the formalities and say hello@faiz.design. I reply promptly.

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