Service design is the antidote to the excesses of gimmick, cosmetics and hollow aesthetics — a patchwork of solutions sold separately with no consideration for the beneficiary.
Let's put that right.


Faiz designs sophisticated services, bridging empathy and expertise with multilingual, transnational insight.
What I offer

The meeting of DesignBusiness + Culture.

  • Service Design + Strategy
  • R + D, Consulting, prototyping approaches to superior service involving stakeholders and the end-user. Assessing scale and business structure around human-centred principles, platform for entrepreneurship and market validation. Understanding and articulating client needs and briefs for sourcing appropriate talent.

  • Visual Communication + Development
  • Articulation by means of UX User Experience design, UI User Interface, FE Front-end Development, Graphic Design + Data Modelling. Outputs include Iconography, Corporate Identity, Publication + Print Production, Events, Campaigns, Product Launches, Systems of Objects, etc.

  • Film + Photography
  • Specific short production for products, events, interviews + public relations.

  • Skills Volunteering
  • Contributing my resources directly to the impact of Non-Profits tackling the issues of Quality of Life (Food Insecurity, Homelessness + Inequality) while alleviating their capital burden.

What I'm working on

The week ahead in London.

  • Seeking new opportunities to expand, challenge and flourish.
  • Salinity Mesh
  • Producing wholesale packaging for Salinity Studio in San Francisco, a social enterprise and cosmetics company dedicated to transparent production practices.
  • Design consulting pro bono with The Haller Foundation, building a mobile app to empower smallholders to grow crops using sustainable, organic practices, focusing on challenges of designing an accessible user interface for low-literacy and cross-cultural, multilingual comprehension.
  • Film Production for Fraction Flavours' storytelling series.
  • Developing the identity of Millfields, a new eaterie in London's East End.
  • Running design surgeries with businesses and individuals in-network.
  • Organising logistics around networking event following service design principles.
  • Motivating team members with playlists.
  • Writing about public sector trends in Service Design.


I've delivered to Startups, Financial Institutions, Research Bureaux, Charitable Foundations, Cafés + Restaurants, Film Studios, Cultural Hubs and other Creative Individuals on four continents in many languages.


Vespressa 禾倉 Salinity Studio Massey Lyuben Gallery The Haller Foundation Peacock Studios MacIntyre Coffee Fraction Flavours National Health Service UBS Wealth Management Oppenheimer Funds Perfect Musical 北京東方劇院 Standard Chartered Private Bank, Singapore Morgan Stanley Private + International Wealth Management Al-Dabbagh Group Crédit Suisse Group


Every project, regardless of scope or industry that falls under my purview receives the same, meticulous attention to detail, converting disparate inputs to cohesive output.


I founded the Creation + Practice Group in 2014 to bridge perception and articulation, bring complex information to a larger audience, offer a host of services that exceed the limitations of a single project and demonstrate the value of cross-cultural nuance. My audience ranges from process-driven multinational corporations to agile startups that live and breathe prototyping. From the outset, I dedicate at least a third of my resources toward pro bono skills volunteering and consulting for non-profits, contributing directly to impact that assures food security, ameliorates living standards and stands up for the dignity of the human spirit.


Inbox Me Feel free to skip the formalities and say hello@faiz.design. I aim to reply within 48 hours.

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