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Faiz S. Hussain (b. 1988)

Business Designer. Polyglot-Polymath. Writer. Maker. Market Strategist. Illustrator. Photographer. Creative Director. . . Faiz defies and eschews narrow silos circumscribed by the realm of industry, business operations, culture, design, art, etc. to forge plural and robust ideas.

Shepherded from place-to-place by the medical-academic careers of his parents (as far west as Michigan, east as Singapore), Faiz spent his teens in Scotland before pursuing liberal arts at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, by way of St. Andrews, earning a degree in Cultural Studies with Chemistry and Maths on the side. He earned his Graduate degree in Chinese from the University of Edinburgh and Nankai University in Tianjin, picking up the Mandarin topolect in under nine months, for a total of twelve working languages.

Inspired by concept album artwork and single-use landing pages during the early ‘00s, Faiz would tinker with code and graphics, building and maintaining databases for private hospitals, guest packets for corporate conferences and publicity for local businesses both online and off. This hobby only grew in university with his role in publicity, and the presidency, of the local chapter of People & Planet, founding a small French language school, building a regional Writer’s guild and magazine and negotiating gallery space and marketing for emerging artists.

In 2014, he improvised his commercial commitments into Creation + Practice Group, a loose structure for supplying remote Graphic, Product, Service & Experience Design capacity to agencies, and consulting with start-ups to refine their Commercial Strategy, Proposition and Business Models. He has served the gamut of enterprises from Google, UBS and Crédit Suisse to non-profits, local restaurants and art spaces including Massey Klein and Mimosa House.

Faiz aims to build a Venture Studio, what he calls ‘an agency without clients’ for impactful businesses with sustainable, circular economic models in the next couple of years. He currently resides in London, with work over ten timezones.

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  •  Master of Chinese Studies: Sinology & Mandarin Chinese
    University of Edinburgh & Nankai University in Tianjin

    The Master of Chinese Studies degree was a two-year course to bring students to a proficient level in Mandarin Chinese and perform research in the field using those language skills. Faiz began in the elementary stream and graduated in the highest available tier, taking on extra modules including Literary Chinese, Japanese Kanbun and a series of modules usually tailored for fourth-year Chinese students.

  •  Bachelor of Arts: Modern ⁄ Postmodern Cultural Studies with Maths & Chemistry
    The College of William & Mary in VirginiaUniversity of St. Andrews (Transfer Credit)

    Students of the College are put through a rigorous core cirriculum that builds high literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, multiple languages and disciplines regardless of degree concentration. As the university takes very few Graduate Students and no Doctoral candidates, almost all research is taken on by undergraduates held to a Graduate Standard. The Charles Center encourages students whose interests span majors to assemble their own interdisciplinary pathway together with a deeply-involved academic advisor, self-directed and supervised independent study credits and a further layer of rigour on top of the core.

  • Select Clientwork
  • Making Google relevant to export businesses in 26 high-growth Provincial Chinese Cities with Orchid Création.
  • Building the startup, Covert Garments, biometric sensors crafted into athleisure clothing tailored for an entire workday. Built around transparent, female- and minority-first hiring practices.
  • Redefining mobile credit for the underbanked in Sri Lanka with GSMA & Copasetic Research.
  • Branded art galleries and project spaces including Massey Klein, Mimosa House and Oriental Theatre.
  • Creating benchmark standards, definitions and a marketplace for Vegan, Sustainable and Ethical non-food products at Alive Boutique.
  • Making athletes feel like regulars regardless of where they choose to race on Racecheck.
  • Helping East African Smallholders make better use of their farmland with the Experience Design of an Educational App by The Haller Foundation.
  • Scaling Salinity Studio's market stall to supermarket shelves at wholesale without losing a brand's soul or values.

    "There were a thousand different ways he could have done it and I would’ve been more than happy with each and every one of them, but Faiz didn’t do any one of those; Faiz created the one thing that truly surprised me and amazed me. It is rare someone can take on a project so fully as to exceed expectations." – Alex MacIntyre, MacIntyre Coffee (2014–18).

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