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Currently supporting humans that

regenerate neighbourhoods through mixed economies

prioritise wellbeing and honesty in the workplace

centre diversity, equity and inclusion in Pharma

help the Latinx Community thrive in the United States

Curiosity. Clarity. Solutions.

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Faiz makes you shine with his reflections and support between sessions, working through things together asynchronously. No question feels too stupid to ask.
Poonam Dhuffer
Founder & CEO, 🇬🇧 YSM8
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Faiz had a good sense of which assumptions of ours could be challenged, when to slow us down and when to speed us up. His style of communication flexibility is unique. It helped us really get to a point of clarity for our needs quickly.
Zach Gobst
Founder & CEO, 🇺🇸 Leapcure
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Faiz's level of involvement and genuine interest in our business is what makes him such a pleasure to work with. I have peace of mind working with him.
Ryan Massey
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I continue to come back to Faiz because he quickly grasps the depth and breadth of my work, then hones in on the details required to seamlessly execute.
Sarah Danu
Founder & CEO, 🇺🇸 Danu Organic
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Faiz helped us clarify in a few months what we had been struggling to do for years. His kindness and patience are among his greatest qualities – never will you meet such a powerful, yet gentle soul with a big heart for building a better world.
Howard Tam 譚德
Founder & CEO, 🇨🇦 ThinkFresh
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Engaging with Faiz is tapping into a fount of valuable experiences. He's a doer but also a bit of an intellectual sponge. You'll appreciate his clarity of thought and generosity.
Femi Ogunkolade
Founder & CEO, 🇬🇧 Foundery
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