Faiz Hussain

Courtesy: Hana Stone
Courtesy: Hana Stone

I build up 👥 people and 🚀 organisations to tackle 🍃 society's greatest challenges and ✉️ write it up

Welcome to my pastebin, where I link up my digital life with commentary ↓

About me

You might be here to get a quick summary of how I describe myself or a longer narrative. Those are in stock.

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@faizsyedhussain is President of mito.coop, transforming and opening up organisations for greater impact.

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Business Transformation

I lead Founders, Executives and Teams of micro-to-medium sized orgs to change the way they work so that they can better serve their mission. It's a mix of Consulting, Learning & Development, Strategy, Research, Business Design and Accounting. I'm building the kind of business I've always wanted to build around this, Mitochondria Coöperative, bringing in some of my favourite previous collaborators.

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Career Coaching

I guide underserved knowledge workers to design their career transitions from setting intentions to salary negotiations. I've codified my approach as the Career Kit and offer this service as Mutual Aid – free to those who need it most, and metered for executive leaders who can afford it.

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developers have this euphemism I love to hate: that they will ‘maintain’ something [...] laborious, manual activity to prop up the virtual layer ― Maintain or refrain?

I write a series, Thinking about thinking, on practicing new ways of working, how it changes us and creates the future we’ve been looking for. So far I've covered shared value creation, the ideological basis of reason and the absurdity of maintaining software.

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New Social Contract

After the murder of George Floyd by police and the grief that followed, soul-friend-collaborator Nate Gerber and I started meeting for 2 hours every week to talk, research, read and write about "What State and Society would look like if it were designed today for the long-term" without the structures that enable discrimination and adverse outcomes for our communities.

90 weeks later, we're now combing over what we've learned and found (what's new to us) and what's useful to share. Watch this space.


I create content to train people at scale in frameworks that help them individually or organisationally to thrive.


My voice and views have evolved over time. Here are some of the answers I've articulated.


Design in risk
The Venturer
February 28, 2020
Innovation moments
DODO Nigeria
November 10, 2019
What diversity means to me
October 2, 2018


It's not every tweet or post or like. These are the updates I think mark watershed moments.


Leaving Deloitte
July 1, 2021

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