Faiz S. Hussain

Faiz is a Multidisciplinary Designer-Strategist based in London.

› I partner with Founders and Startups at every stage to build brand and business around impact, human-centred values and multilingual, transnational viewpoints.
› I write on a variety of topics to question established thinking around business models, my own journey as an owner-operator, and emerging patterns projected forward.
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The work I do

› I combine Human-Centred Design with Management Consulting for sustainable, impactful projects at scale.

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› Representative projects in market strategy, branding, visual communication and photography.

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Case Studies

› In-depth methodology from projects in Experience and Business Design.

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Who I work for

› I adopt a versatile approach to each project that allows me to partner with businesses regardless of their size or scope, remotely or in-house, across multiple timezones.

  • Startups like Racecheck
  • Social Enterprises: Salinity Studio, Mimosa House, Alive Boutique
  • Corporate: Google, UBS
  • Non-Profit: The Haller Foundaton, Oriental Theatre
  • Agency: Qumin, Campden Research
  • Arts: Massey Klein
  • Individual Practitioners: Peacock Studios
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    Client Impressions

    › In their own words.

    We completed our project on separate continents. Faiz never even held the bottles he was designing a box for, but looking back, the geographical separation made no difference. We quickly developed a great rapport and method of communication that made me feel secure in the project. He was always responsive and made planning around our different timezones painless.
    Sarah Patterson, Founder of Salinity Studio, San Francisco.

    Faiz's level of involvement and genuine interest in our business is what makes him such a pleasure to work with. I have peace of mind working with Faiz – he's taken so much time to learn about our gallery that I know whatever he creates for us will hit the nail right on the head!
    Ryan Massey, Founder of Massey Klein Gallery, New York City.

    The key challenges we faced involved combining large inputs (from Quantitative Data) and unique voices (from Qualitative Interviews) into a coherent, streamlined product. Faiz did this with grace, while constantly striving to innovate the form to grant it elegance and increased accessibility for a general readership.
    Andrew Porter, Director of Research managing transnational projects for UBS, Credit Suisse Group & Standard Chartered Private Bank.

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    How I think

    › I write about everything from emerging trends in design to ethics and political philosophy – all in the hope that everything connects.

  • Selling cigarettes and milk in a classic car showroom.
  • Considering Classical Chinese Astrology and Time-keeping to construct a digital watch faces in line with modern productivity.
  • Toward a better discovery experience for finding deep album tracks.

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    Side Projects

    › A few places where I tinker semi-seriously in lunchbreaks and with midnight snacks.

  • Stock Exchange, business plan version control for throwaway ideas.
  • Mixmotiv, a mixtapes arranged around one riff or theme, by rhythm and key signature.
  • Shuzhai, an approach to writing ever-abstracted forms of Chinese Characters inspired by Grass-script and unofficial abbreviations.
  • Hardcore Henna, temporary tattoos for music festivals that are easy on the skin.
  • Moshmerch, band t-shirts made from athletic technical fabric, printed with resilient inks, that take a beating and that endure in the long-term.
  • The work I do

    › A selection of significant recent clientwork, projects and collaborations.

  • Making Google relevant to export businesses in 26 high-growth Provincial Chinese Cities with Orchid Création.
  • Building the startup, Covert Garments, biometric sensors crafted into athleisure clothing tailored for an entire workday.
  • Redefining mobile credit for the underbanked in Sri Lanka with GSMA & Copasetic Research.
  • Branded art galleries and project spaces including Massey Klein, Mimosa House and Oriental Theatre.
  • Creating benchmark standards, definitions and a marketplace for Vegan, Sustainable and Ethical non-food products at Alive Boutique.
  • Making athletes feel like regulars regardless of where they choose to race on Racecheck.
  • Helping East African Smallholders make better use of their farmland with the Experience Design of an Educational App by The Haller Foundation.
  • Scaling Salinity Studio's market stall to supermarket shelves at wholesale without losing a brand's soul or values.

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