faiz.design (2023)

faiz.design (2023)

Thinking together. Making it real.

I build up people and organisations to tackle society's greatest challenges.


I help ambitious leaders and teams cross watersheds.

From the whisper of an idea to bellows from the summit of success, I find the structure hidden in chaos and Change in stagnant establishment. I build trust, recognise the value in people and bring everyone along for the ride. Here's how to engage:

You miss the quality that comes with thinking together. Let’s frame experiments to find your secret sauce.

You want to act on your values to create that thing that makes the world better, let me take you from 0 to 1 in 30 days.

You need a moment with an expert to sound out your ideas and issues to go from so-so to great in 100 minutes.

You’re looking for rigour and creative discipline to uncover the exponential value of your team to enter new spaces.

“Clarity.” “Curiosity.” “Generosity.”

Here are the kind words of previous collaborators sharing their experience working with me:

Engaging with Faiz is tapping into a fount of valuable experiences. He's a doer but also a bit of an intellectual sponge. You'll appreciate his clarity of thought and generosity.
Femi Ogunkolade
Founding CEO @ Foundery, a venture studio (London, United Kingdom)
Faiz's level of involvement and genuine interest in our business is what makes him such a pleasure to work with. I have peace of mind working with him.
Mary Ryan Massey
Founding CEO @ Massey Klein Gallery (New York City, United States of America)
I continue to come back to Faiz because he quickly grasps the depth and breadth of my work, then hones in on the details required to seamlessly execute.
Sarah Danu
Founding CEO @ Danu Organic, Contrapreneur & Salinity Studio (Vermont, United States of America)

Thinking as craft. Learning by doing. Change as care.

I do a lot with very little.

I help leaders and teams like you wayfind through the unknown, make sense of ambiguity, harness your values, and run experiments to start new things or provoke “Change” in established organisations.

I'm driven to open horizons all stakeholders (see Manifesto).

I take Change seriously.

Over 19 years, I’ve honed my craft internationally as a Serial Founder and a Design Practitioner.

My formal training followed Change in culture, symbols, discourse and power over time, together with an MBA to round out my lived experiences (see Profile).

Let me tell you more about the worlds I love.

Thinking about thinking is a regular newsletter that I started to think out loud about how everything connects.

Each email is indebted to a wide range of sources, what I create in my own time and my experience as a practitioner.

It’s an invitation to remind you there’s so much more out there (see Previews).

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Remote Working from 🕹️ London, United Kingdom.


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faiz.design is a Co1 & Sole Proprietorship, based in London. Prices quoted in United States $.

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