All About Faiz

That’s “Fèz” like the hat. He/They Pronouns. I'm Founder and President of Mitochondria Coöperative (mito.coop), where I transform and open up organisations for greater impact through new propositions. I'm an avid reader-writer documenting these experiences. You can find a polished timeline of my roles and responsibilities, with vouching on LinkedIn. Read below for a more meandering tale.

What I do

I seek to make enterprises smart to be able to solve the most difficult issues we face as a species. I see individual relationships and organisations as the driving units of change that I can do something about. I work at those two levels: bottom-up and top-down.

I do a lot with very little – sifting through scant, ambiguous foresight, turning abstract expertise into practical experiments, rallying teams to build ventures from scratch or provoking “Change” in established structures and living to tell the tale.

I’m fortunate to be sought after and paid handsomely for how I think and look after others.


I show up by opening horizons for others, surfacing and playfully-solving intricate problems while making things salient for wide audiences.

Courtesy: Sona Khagram/Joel Miller
Courtesy: Sona Khagram/Joel Miller



Surfacing latent potential within people & orgs and leading the change with it.



Developing ethical-sustainable offerings centred on Value rather than tack-on arbitrage.

Stakeholder Alignment


Organising groups across silos toward a common vision and responsibility.

His background in start-ups to then working within large corporates provides a true and grounded perspective on how best to tackle any problem or future strategic challenge. I’ve found his anecdotes and alternative view on the world make the team think outside the box. Sometimes it is far to easy to just plough ahead without considering are we doing the right thing today for the client. I found Faiz to be ultra engaging, personable, friendly, and able to adapt to the circumstances presented. His ability to help shape solutions, but also see these through to delivery was superb. It’s high-end output that is produced, and a ‘will’ to succeed which ensures his delivery arsenal is on point every time ― Steve Guest (client), Programme Manager @ Deloitte

Clients and Corporate


I've held roles in businesses of all sizes and scope across 10 timezones. I have a particular soft-spot for small-to-medium-sized organisations trying to make their vision for a preferable future happen with the active participation of all stakeholders.


Senior Manager / Product Owner ― Deloitte

Strategy Lead ― Google

Design Principal ― UBS


Incubator/Accelerator Coach ― WeWork Labs

President ― People & Planet


Chief Marketing Officer ― Hometown Brewing

Service Design Lead ― Haller Foundation

Business Development Lead — Marketing Agency

Faiz made a big impression on the whole team in both his kindness and commitment. He listened and adapted and came with a vision for how we could do what we were trying to do. He took time to get to know the team, participating in all app related meetings, and was helpful, curious and supportive of the professional development of everyone around him ― Alia Malik (client), CEO @ Haller Foundation

Developing People

👉🏾 mito.coop (current)


🧰  Career Kit

🎖  Values Hero Award for the Business Design Community of Practice and Training ― Deloitte

✊🏾  Mentor Black Business

🧪  WeWork Labs

🏰  Creative Edinburgh

I love to show people how great they are, especially those who are underserved and undervalued by the status quo. It started with a full inbox of people asking me to review their resumes, and developed into mentorship-coaching to help people break through their limiting beliefs to do the things they want most. I occasionally write courses in my domain expertise.

Engaging with Faiz is tapping into a fount of valuable personal and professional experiences on innovation, business design and systems. He's a doer but also a bit of an intellectual sponge. You'll appreciate his clarity of thought and generosity. Faiz takes it upon himself to optimise anything he comes in contact with, that includes people! ― Femi Ogunkolade (coachee), Product Manager @ Deloitte

Institutional Credentials

Master of Business Administration ― IE Business School

Master of Chinese Studies ― Edinburgh

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies ― William & Mary

I have formal training in Area Studies – the study of "Change" in culture, symbols, discourse and power over time – and the languages to read primary sources. I'm fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

It's supplemented by a heuristic knowledge of business precedents and the planet we take for granted (deepening my appreciation for how Accounting shapes discourse).

I credit the experience of these degrees with discipline, humility and awareness of my limitations. I learnt the most outside of the structure from the push of generous peers, mentors and internet rabbit holes. I think you can get the knowledge and practice elsewhere, but it is worth focusing on something for a few years to see what really motivates you and to develop reflection with others.

Even through difficult times, Faiz always stayed true to his values and opinions, and was not afraid to share them in the most diplomatic manner. This was not only appreciated by all but required in order work well as a team. He often did not only take a leadership role, but also a mediator one – needless to say, I would absolutely love working with Faiz again. ― Jade Descheneaux (peer), Strategic Planner @ Meta

Design Chops

👉🏾  Transforming how orgs work @ mito.coop (current)


9️⃣  Testing Business & Operating Models

8️⃣  Optimising Physical & Digital Services

7️⃣  Auditing UX & CX

6️⃣  Getting Seed Startups Funded

5️⃣  Communicating Strategy

4️⃣  Calibrating User Interfaces

3️⃣  Setting up new world-class Brands

2️⃣  Making large format posters

1️⃣  Designing Enterprise Applications

I started designing-developing in earnest for others in 2004, when I built a patient management system for a private hospital from scratch, and marketed corporate conferences on the cheap.

It took me a long time to see myself as a designer, through freelancing in many different configurations and the mentorship of junior designers that saw that I was onto something.

It took longer still for me to eschew the label and focus on what matters. That is, creating the environment for the best decisions about the future.

Together, we stress tested every aspect of the design until I was beyond happy with the final product. Amazingly, we completed this project on separate continents. Faiz never even held the bottles he was designing a box for but looking back, the geographical separation made no difference. We quickly developed a great rapport and method of communication that made me feel secure in the project. He was always responsive and made planning around our different time zones painless. I often found completed projects in my inbox well ahead of my deadlines. ― Sarah Danu (client), CEO @ Danu Organic/Salinity Studio


🎱  mito.coop (current)


7️⃣  Sharpturn

6️⃣  Covert Garments

5️⃣  Fractions

4️⃣  Creation + Practice

3️⃣  Scuttle

2️⃣  Bullet Quarterly

1️⃣  French School

8x Founder, with many false starts and lucky bets. I've played in Professional Services, Hardware, Publishing, Adult Education and Arts & Culture.

I'm currently building the business I've always wanted to build. A Professional Services and Venture Studio with all stakeholders included in decision-making to remove the boundary between worker and client and business and community.

Life off the clock

While most of the work I do is digital, I only work remotely. I spend most of my time off-screen, cultivating attention in the present with my wife, Hana, out in forests, lakes and shores or on errands, in books, notebooks and art projects.

We're currently digital nomads in London.

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