Career Kit


“It was absolutely essential in helping me put my best foot forward, in authentically articulating my values, and in answering the most difficult interview questions. I felt prepared and confident.”

“The whole experience definitely helped me sort out of what I was trying to flesh out in my head.”

“The sessions helped grow my confidence tremendously. I’ve gone to him for almost everything - advice on career progression, salary discussions, CV support, speaking to senior stakeholders, etc”

Career Kit

I guide underserved knowledge workers to design their career transitions from setting intentions to salary negotiations. I've codified my approach over the last 3 years and serving over 30 people. I offer this service as Mutual Aid – free to those who need it most, and metered for executive leaders who can afford it.

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Every person I work with comes with different needs, ranging from improving their current working situation to a complete career change. You will get a combination of the following, with bespoke frameworks for anything you might request. After every working session you will receive a deliverable that you can keep and add to.

Experience Map

An exhaustive work and extracurricular history that takes into account your experiences, what motivates you and what an ideal working environment is.


What do people need to know when they work with you? How do you show up most fully? How can you set up the right boundaries to protect your time, energy and attention?


What makes you who are? Who do you admire and why? What is the kind of person you want to be?


What is easy to you that's difficult for other people? What are the tangible benefits others get from working with you?


What is the underlying thread that ties your positive experiences together and drives you forward?


What is the best use of your time and drives you to act?


Developing artefacts (resumes, portfolios, etc) in line with your strengths and mission.


What do you need to work on in the next year to get to the next stage of your career?


How do you build and serve an effective network for your mission?

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