2023 Edition

To make the world our own, we need to tame these dynamics.

These are the 6 macro-level trends that keep me up at night and get me going in the mornings. I prioritise thinking work that speaks to these intangible-first, tangible-later principles.


Global Heating → Regeneration

As ‘denizens’ we inherit a world we didn't build.

Our Society is built on the assumption of cheap, abundant energy (fossil fuels) that has crowded out our imagination for anything different. New exploration is still scheduled and our goals for 'net-zero’ – an insufficient goal upholding our existing behaviour – depends on shifts to other fuel sources that vary from weather-dependent to colonial patterns of extraction.

I prioritise work that reimagines this fundamental building block – energy scarcity – through regeneration, 'degrowth’ and new economics.


Institutional Decline → Prosocial Relations

How often do you hear good things about bureaucracy?

Trust in official institutions from school exams to tenders for construction is on the decline. It has a knock-on effect on our already fraught social contract as we – rightly – embrace widening appreciation for human over property rights.

I believe organisations (incl. businesses) are the shortest cycle for Change to experiment with new social relations that can enter culture.


Business as Usual → Leading from the Margins

We need to retire ‘that's just the way things are'.

Every organisation has a line that leaders and teams struggle to transgress. Whether that be creating the right conditions for a new kind of talent, creating safe spaces for underrepresented people or pursuing a new proposition that runs counter to the current business model.

I work with weak signals and courageous leaders and teams who are willing to open time and space to try something new.


Rigid → Liquid Society

The COVID–19 Pandemic exposed how fragile our systems are and imagined new possibilities.

It's now possible and accepted that valuable productivity is possible distributed and remote.

I'm committed to the research and development of new ways of working, not only in the tools and principles we use, but also in working patterns, roles and expanding roles globally.


Hollowed-out Middle → Tech-enabled Abundance

How we use technology will decide the future.

Will it be 24/7/365 support teams maintaining low-invested platforms at a pittance? Or, can it be something that raises quality of life so that we don't work to survive, and instead spend our lives building the relationships and projects that bring us joy?

I'm interested in the latter – tech that really improves our social conditions.


Niches → Coalitions

Traditional business is focussed on staying in your lane (’core capabilities’).

We suffer as 'denizens’ as we face a life of slot-machines and walled garden monopolies as closed systems that lock us in instead of open ecosystems that empower us and allow for more horizontal support.

I believe in work that runs counter to concentration, in favour of ecosystems and enterprises of cooperation, especially free and open-source.

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