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“How do we partner with you?”

The easiest way is to book a short conversation (30–60 minutes) to get a sense of how we get along. You don't have to know exactly what you're looking for yet.


“What should I know before we work together?”

If the Services, Manifesto and Contexts aren't clear …


"What's the difference between structured and unstructured support?”

Structured support are my workshop templates and set meeting formats that are used to solve a specific problem (e.g. you want to build a board of directors and want to make sure it meets certain requirements), versus Unstructured is any form of communication bespoke to what's going on in that moment.


“I've already been working on a startup idea for a while, what service is right for me?”

It depends. If you are yet to release anything and don't have a firm view of who your audience is, Dreambox will help you leap to that level. If you're simply looking for support and a sounding board, Partner is better.


“I already work with a coach or consultant. Does that disqualify us as a client?”

Not necessarily. Many of my clients already have a coach and keeping working with one in tandem with our work.

that they work with on specific day-to-day and strategic issues. How my services differ is that you'll be working with someone with specific expertise that's walking with you?

The question worth asking is:

  • Does your existing service provider offer the value you're looking for?

“I am about … months from a decision. When is the right time to get in touch?”

As early as possible. Even if we don't engage for another 12 months, I find it useful to be on each other's radar so that we can press play at the most opportune time.


“We're working in the non-profit / education / public sector. Do you offer a special fee structure?”

I do. I always look to what people are able to afford and what kind of transformation is possible working together. Most non-profits I work with decide their own fees and terms.


“Can I try before I buy?”

Yes and no. I offer the preliminary sessions of each service free but you're unlikely to see the kind of impact you're looking for in just a couple of sessions. I offer short pilot terms of 1–3 months for new clients so that you don't feel locked in long-term.


“We're really busy but we need this. How do we make the work a priority?”

Every organisation struggles with this regardless of stage.

Some things that have worked before:

  • Dedicated time and/or budget
  • Internal incentives
  • Sabbaticals and Secondment

“Will you help convince my boss/manager that our team should engage with you?"

I mostly work with founders and teams with a high degree of autonomy.

If you're not in a position to make a decision about working together, I will help you.

Often this means having a few stakeholder discussions spaced out over 2–3 weeks by e-mail or workshops. Even if it doesn't work out, I find that this process is revealing and rewarding to show what levers are available for Change.


“Do you do any training for teams?”

I love training leaders and teams. It really depends what you need and if you think that my expertise is the right fit. Feel free to book a call here to discuss options.


“We're trying to start an innovation programme. Can you help us?”

I can certainly give you good advice and see where we can work together…

Any worries? Get in touch. Email
Any worries? Get in touch. Call

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