2023 Edition

Doing the right thing when no one's looking.

This is why I do what I do.

I’m sincerely motivated to close the loop between surfacing and articulating problems and empowering leaders like you to own your decisions and solutions.

The work needs your attention.

The prime time to address Change – the gradient between where you are and where you want to be – is before the choice is made for you (see Contexts).

The principles below make my contributions a meaningful net gain to your mission. Each has an example of what it looks like in practice.


Safe Space


We can’t rush trust. It looks different for everyone. We can start on the same page with benefit of the doubt and proceed gradually by consent.


Deeds > Words


I don’t suggest anything I wouldn’t be willing to do in my own business. I cite my sources, and focus on the level of evidence needed to prove something is working. I look for mutual commitment to experiment.


Duty of care


Beyond the expectations of confidentiality and impartiality, I am firmly committed to getting people where they need to go. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you so, and suggest other options even if that means we don't work together.


Ethical Participation


To me, ‘professionalism’ isn't play-acting 1980s corporate culture. It's working together through mutual respect, building intimacy and centring your needs. It means that I will be radically open about what I do and do not know, and open what I do know so that it's yours too.


Embedded Approach


The value of a coach or consultant is in perspective. We're overloaded by information, but probably not the right parts. I use an embedded approach to balance the benefits of having an external perspective with an internal stakeholder understanding your context and investing in continuous improvement so that the knowledge can be transferred fully.


Voluntary Invitation


Urgency and command aren't the most effective motivator. In organisation, in particular, I focus on building coalitions of the willing to lead from the margins. “No masters, no flakes.”




At its best our work is a reflection of our desire to connect and be understood. I focus the synchronous time on building rapport and trust that we can leverage when we're behind our avatars.


Future Focussed


Growth isn't the ultimate aim for my work. I appreciate that every proposition has a growth phase and a natural business cycle. I'm invested in making transformative propositions real regardless of their ultimate financial success. I use a ‘Startup Studio’ approach that de-risks our efforts with signals of what’s working and what’s not.




To me, understanding is always better than Jargon. I present everything at a level that facilitates conversations and consensus-building. And I’m always up for redoing it if it didn’t land the first time.


Value(s) transparent


It's important that there is no ambiguity over where the value lies for all parties. That means no surprise bills, no ghosting, and minimal miscommunication about priorities.

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