Faiz Hussain

Thinking Partnerships

For Leaders and Teams who need an embedded perspective for change and innovation on a regular cadence.

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+1 Player. *10 Possibilities. aⁿ Impact.

As a Thinking Partner docking to your existing or emergent Team, I inject not only new ways of working but the strategic rigour to forge the path ahead with new ways of coordinating, disparate expertise and an appetite for experimentation.

Lighting your way through the Unknown. Together.

The thinkers I work with have asked for a wide variety of things. No two sessions are the same. Nor are the days you make a change. You get to bring your own relevancy.

Accountability Steps

I want to set some milestones and find a way to actually hit them.

Generate a Roadmap

What are options and possibilities I have to take this forward?

What's the business model?

I'm having trouble monetising my product and finding its niche.

Breaking out of a funk

Things aren't working or going fast enough, how do I do things differently?


I'm not sure what the value of our service is? How can we make sense of it?

Experimentation in low- and no-code

I want to prove out what we're trying to do before we invest.

Scaling your culture in tandem

How we nurture the great things about our company as we scale?

Designing future roles

We're in the middle of repositioning our company. How do we think better about the roles that don't exist yet?

Developing bench strength and succession

I'm looking to retire soon and I'm worried about attrition of our best people and the future.

Developing new ways of working

We had a real shock during the pandemic in switching modalities. How do we make distributed really work for us?

Assembling a values-aligned board of directors

Our board feels really unbalanced and we'd like to have a better representation of skillsets and profile.

Communicating value to your stakeholders

Our clients don't fully understand what we can do for them from sales to our engagements. What can we do?

Balancing competencies

We've grown so fast and we're a little stuck in our old ways, overindexing on one part of the business to the detriment of others.

Transitions to new models

We've tried loads of different things this past year and it's hard to tell what's working.

Navigating a merger, acquisition or reorg

We're under pressure to make Change work but we're barely able to think about it.

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