Thinking Partnerships

For Founders & Leaders at all stages.

Sounding out what works and what doesn't.

For Founders and Business Leaders who need an embedded perspective for Change and Innovation on a regular cadence.


Lighting your way through the Unknown. Together.

As your Thinking Partner, I adopt multiple approaches and roles to drive your venture to the next level from framing experiments to finding the secret sauce that creates shared value.

Up to 45 minutes talking freely about your current context.

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Use cases

The thinkers I work with have asked for a wide variety of things including:

Accountability Steps

I want to set some milestones and find a way to actually hit them.

Generate a Roadmap

What are options and possibilities I have to take this forward?

What's the business model?

I'm having trouble monetising my product and finding its niche.

Breaking out of a funk

Things aren't working or going fast enough, how do I do things differently?


I'm not sure what the value of our service is? How can we make sense of it?

Experimentation in low- and no-code

I want to prove out what we're trying to do before we invest.

‘Curiosity.’ 'Clarity.’ ‘Encouragement.’

Here are the kind words of people I've coached directly:

Anjali Sharma
Faiz challenged me to think differently about myself in an extremely powerful way, if you’re lucky enough to work with him, be ready for some significant reflection and change coming your way. But be ready to embrace it.
Jan 7, 2023 5:56 PM
Sr. Product Owner @ Centrica (London)
Anjali Sharma
DB & Partner: clarity trust curiosity
Ivan Liu 廖天健
I was impressed by Faiz’s capacity to think around corners and I really valued his ability to massage complicated ideas into plain, simple language.
Jan 3, 2023 3:31 PM
Client Stakeholder – Chief of Staff @ ThinkFresh Group (Toronto, Ont.)
Ivan Liu 廖天健
DB & Partner: clarity trust curiosity
Vanessa Bosch
Faiz works very hard and goes the extra mile to help someone. It’s hard to come by someone that is so genuine, thoughtful, visionary and inspirational.
Jan 7, 2023 5:37 PM
Proposition Designer @ Market Gravity (London)
Vanessa Bosch
DB & Partner: clarity trust curiosityRepeat Custom
Will Oshiro de Groot
Faiz is one of the sharpest people I know and I’m always left feeling inspired, curious and really quite in awe after our conversations. There’s real craft to his thinking.
Jan 3, 2023 3:42 PM
Sr. DEI Insights Manager @ Lego (London)
Will Oshiro de Groot
DB & Partner: clarity trust curiosityRepeat Custom

Specimen Pricing

Everyone's circumstances are different. So are the breadth of options to fund working together. If you don't fit any of these categories exactly – don’t panic – we can come up with something that works for all of us. The price of the service will reflect your desired outcome, ambition and transformation. Please use the ranges below as a guide.


Leaders who are working on non-commercial propositions.

Pay-what-you-can. Agreed by discussion.


Entrepreneurs and self-starters that are mostly self-funded.

$2,125/mo Additional fees apply for more than 5 participants.


Startups and teams that are past Series A funding.

$4,250/mo Additional fees apply for more than 5 participants.


Corporates, VCs or Medium-sized businesses >$15MM/yr AR.

$7,500/mo Additional fees apply for more than 5 participants.

Up to 45 minutes talking freely about your current context.

Want to confirm details or send anything in advance?

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