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Faiz Hussain IPA: /fɛz huːˈseɪn/ That's ”Fèz like the hat.” Pronouns: He/They

In other languages

فیض حسين

律雄風 Hokkien: Lu̍t Hiông-hong Japanese: フェズ(事)のり・ゆえ Mandarin: Lǜ Xióng-fēng



Working Solo

I'm a Thinking Partner to mission-focussed Leaders and Teams.

As part of

I team up on speculative propositions for Future of Work & Society.

Off the clock

I'm working – very slowly – on my first graphic novel.

Corporate Experience

Over the past 19 years, I've held roles in businesses of all sizes and scope across geographies.


Senior Manager (Head of Business Design & Hypothesis Shaping, Venture Studio) 🇬🇧 Deloitte

Strategy Lead (Brick & Mortar Propositions) 🇨🇳 Google

Design Principal (Data) 🇸🇦 Al-Dabbagh 🇺🇸 Morgan Stanley 🇸🇬 Standard Chartered 🇨🇭 UBS


Incubator/Accelerator Coach for Startups 🇬🇧 WeWork Labs

President 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 People & Planet (Student Activist Organisation)


Chief Marketing Officer 🇹🇼 鄉醞 Hometown Brewing

Service Design Lead 🇰🇪 Haller Foundation

Design Lead 🇺🇸 Salinity Studio

Business Development Lead 🇬🇧 Marketing Agency


Serial Founder, with many false starts and lucky bets. I've played in the following industries:

Business Model Studio C+P, 2016–2020

Helping startups and small businesses find a working business model that’s sustainable and socially impactful, has market-fit and room to grow.

Career Progression Career Kit, 2020–2022

Helping professionals from historically underrepresented groups design their career transitions, progress and make their first $100k/year.

Language School FLS, 2008–2009

Helped bridge a gap in a university’s French language curriculum through student- and teacher- run classes.

Alignment Wearable Covert Garments, 2017–2018

Prototyped a smart wearable in the form of a sports bra / singlet to feedback posture and breathing in activities like yoga.

Publishing Community Bullet, 2010–2011

Magazine and writer's collective for an underserved local audience.

Flavour Engineering Fractions, 2017

Designing flavour profiles for high-end bars and restaurants in aerosol form as a replacement for the inexact ingredients that are common.

Shared Space for Art Installations Scuttle, 2010–2013

Helped emerging artists make use of gallery and non-standard spaces in off-peak conditions.

Digital Activation C+P, 2013–2016

Helped Startups, Corporates and Small businesses establish an end-to-end digital presence without the agency fees.

Expert Network Sharpturn, 2020–21

Helping people change careers through contact with experts in their target field.

Institutional Credentials

I have formal training in Area Studies – the study of "Change" in culture, symbols, discourse and power over time – and the languages to read primary sources. It's supplemented by a heuristic knowledge of business precedents and the planet we take for granted.

I credit the experience with discipline, humility and awareness of my limitations. I learnt most outside these structures from the push of generous peers, mentors and internet rabbit holes.

Master of Business Administration 🇪🇸 IE Business School

🏆 High Potential Award 🏆 Most Innovative Student

Master of Chinese Studies 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh 🇨🇳 Nankai University

🏆 Fluency in Mandarin Chinese

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies 🇺🇸 William & Mary 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 St. Andrews

Developing People

I love to show people how great they are, especially those who are underserved and undervalued by the status quo.

It started with a full inbox of people asking me to review their resumes, and developed into mentorship-coaching to help people break through their limiting beliefs to do the things they want most.

I occasionally write courses in my domain expertise.

👉🏾 (current)


🧰  Career Kit

🎖  Values Hero Award for the Business Design Community of Practice and Training ― Deloitte

✊🏾  Mentor Black Business

🧪  WeWork Labs

🏰  Creative Edinburgh

Design Chops

I started designing-developing in earnest for others in 2004, when I built a patient management system for a private hospital from scratch, and marketed corporate conferences on the cheap.

It took me a long time to see myself as a designer, through freelancing in many different configurations and the mentorship of junior designers that saw that I was onto something.

It took longer still for me to eschew the label and focus on what matters. That is, creating the environment for the best decisions about the future.

👉🏾 (current)


9️⃣  Testing Business & Operating Models

8️⃣  Optimising Physical & Digital Services

7️⃣  Auditing UX & CX

6️⃣  Getting Seed Startups Funded

5️⃣  Communicating Strategy

4️⃣  Calibrating User Interfaces

3️⃣  Setting up new world-class Brands

2️⃣  Making large format posters

1️⃣  Designing Enterprise Applications

Life off the clock

While most of the work I do is digital, I only work remotely. I spend most of my time off-screen, cultivating attention in the present with my wife, Hana, out in forests, lakes and shores or on errands, in books, notebooks and art projects.

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Remote Working from 🕹️ London, United Kingdom.


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