“Really good newsletter. The whole idea of web3 in the context of "not actual game footage" is great and +100 for mentioning Second Life”
“And this episode of your newsletter? Really good. You'll find yourself contributing to Business week soon”
“A great synthesis of considerations to be aware of for big business' agenda for Web3. Totally agree”
“It feels like there is not a single word extra, and I love it”
Political voice is exactly right
Had to reread to get the gist of the email
Bullet points help ground the email at the end
Becoming less formal / more personable from email 1 to email 3 – that's a good thing.
Like how you use “(might)” to show your assumptions
Information went a bit over my head
I like the title
Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe
More of your experiences and thoughts over lists
“I love the tone you use in your newsletter! It’ s so refreshing [...] I’m totally intrigued”
“I love how personalized these first emails are”
Like the attributions and references to go deeper
A bit long in length, it can be shorter
Make the tone of voice more personable / conversational
Like the quick summary at the start – allows me to decide whether or not to invest or skip this week
“pithy and to the point, while adding meaningful value throughout”