Faiz Hussain

It starts with a conversation.

Our first call is all about chemistry. I’ll get to know you, what you're up to and what's between you and turning your goals into a reality. You’ll get to know me and get a taste for what it means to have a Thinking Partner as a regular fixture of your work.

The first call is free, and I don't hold back with sharing what you can do right now. Some people get enough from one call, others need more.

If it’s a fit for both of us, we’ll find a way to work together that's mutually beneficial.

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Unsplash License: Peter Olexa
Unsplash License: Peter Olexa

Doing the right thing when no one's looking.

Working in Thinking Partnerships means that you and your team get to develop mastery in new capabilities. I’m sincerely motivated to close the loop between articulating problems and empowering leaders and teams like you to make decisions you can own.

Here are the principles I use to guide my work:

Safe Space

We can’t rush trust. It looks different for everyone. We can start on the same page with benefit of the doubt and proceed gradually by consent.

Deeds > Words

I don’t suggest anything I wouldn’t be willing to do in my own business. I cite my sources, and focus on the level of evidence needed to prove something is working.

Duty of Care

Beyond the expectations of confidentiality and impartiality, I am committed to getting people where they need to go. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you so.

Ethical Participation

I work with you on your level through mutual respect, building intimacy and centring your needs. It means that I will be radically open about what I do and do not know, and open about what I do know so that it's yours too.

Embedded Approach

The value of a coach or consultant is in perspective. I balance being inside and outside your organisation to understand your context and invest in knowledge transfer so you can learn and improve.

Voluntary Invitation

Divided silos are a coordination problem. I build coalitions of the willing to be early adopters and craft change journeys that are inclusive and invite everyone along for the ride.


At its best our work is a reflection of our desire to connect and be understood. I focus the synchronous time on building rapport and trust that we can leverage when we're behind our asynchronous avatars.

Future Focussed

My work is to de-risk the future of your business through experimentation. We will collect evidence to back up any course of action we take together on short cycles to make sure that we're always on the right track.


To me, understanding is always better than Jargon. I present everything at a level that facilitates conversations and consensus-building. And I’m always up for redoing it if it didn’t land the first time.

Value(s) Transparent

It's important that there is no ambiguity over where the value lies for all parties. That means no surprise bills, no ghosting, and minimal miscommunication about priorities.

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The patterns above can be adapted to your needs. (Consider cutting this section)

If you're looking for something else, these options are also available:

Are you stuck in your job and want to transform your life?

(Workshops for mid-career professionals to break through.)

Are you intrigued but your needs don't fit into one of my services?


(Discovery call for leaders with complex but scoped problems.)

You want to scale your venture without losing your culture?

(Long-term skills investments in impact organisations.)

Looking for a team with a broader set of expertise, I work here too:

(For organisations looking to speculative propositions.)

Flowchart (backlink)

What you need at each stage

Reverse-l shape

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