What to expect

What to expect

Faiz Hussain

What to expect

Thinking about thinking #1 1st February 2022

In the transgressive, stream of consciousness of military theatre that is Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon divides people into two camps: those who believe that things just happen at random, and those who believe that underneath all the subterfuge, everything connects. Labels aside, I'm in the second, seeking out every kind of thinking (about thinking) that I can bring to my relationships, my craft and the organisations I serve. This newsletter is no different. Here I share how I put into practice new ideas about work, how it changes everyone involved (including me) and creates the kind of enterprise and future we've been looking for. It is my hope that you leave each reading with something enriching.

Who am I?

I'm Faiz, and I help Founders, Leaders, Creators and Teams think through their challenges and design work people love, whether that be a sustainable business model that allows businesses to grow through revenue and customer experience, or humanising a culture that people want to work in and with. I am also a founding member of the distributed knowledge work cooperative, mito.coop. I use the pronouns He or They.


My inbox is open to you, I read every reply and will engage where possible to make this experience more tailored for you – it's a privilege that can be withdrawn, so I welcome compliments and critique but not abuse (that's an immediate block). I take requests on things to focus on, and feel free to reach out for clarification, referencing or if you want help adapting something to your needs.

The newsletter is supported psychically, across great distances, by your time and attention as a reader, your generosity of paying it forward to those you think would enjoy it, and through voluntary contributions on a 'pay what you want' scale (you can manage this at any time). You get the same newsletter and responsiveness if you contribute zero or a thousand dollars each year. It is my hope that these ideas reach those who will benefit most, so everything you read is open-source for you to share, tweak and find your own meaning as you would a meme.

If this stops being right for you, you outgrow it, or for any reason, you can also leave at anytime by one-click, by hitting unsubscribe, clearly marked and linked in the footer of all emails – no questions asked.

This post was updated @March 15, 2023 to reword the "Who am I?” section to include my latest value proposition.

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