Head of Business Shaping & Design, Deloitte

Source: CBRE

In January, I'll be joining Deloitte's Innovation Studio team, within Risk Advisory, to originate new business propositions from concept to spin-out ventures that explore sustainable and enduring ways of doing business.

I bring some six years of independence and freelancing to a conclusion. Highs and lows, glory and precarity.

I’m grateful for all the incredible support I’ve received from you, my family and friends and from the most unusual places from the world at large. I’ve had license to explore and interrogate my ideals, pursue my principles, and build competence in my passion and field. It’s been fun, apprehensive and exhilarating. Thank you.

I’ll be based here in London’s Holborn Bars designed at the fin de siècle for Prudential Assurance; the ‘bar’ is one of six mediæval barriers that marked the entryway to the Square Mile and the end of liberties, where carts and carriages of non-free persons entering the city had to pay a 1–2 penny toll.